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B-FORCE - state of the art security communications

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B-FORCE Communicator

Secure mobile communications

Service of the 21st century

B-FORCE Communicator is a crypto-smartphone that protects voice communications, messages and files with encryption. An unprecedented level of security is achieved through a wide choice of cryptographic algorithms. To date, this is the best solution for ensuring confidential information transfer.

Personal Computer

Protecting personal data with B-FORCE

Install the B-FORCE Communicator application on a personal computer or laptop with the Windows operating system and use all the features of the B-FORCE service.

КамераVideo calls and voice calls

СообщенияText messaging

ФайлыSending files of any format

РадиостанцияHalf-duplex voice communication

Mobile devices

Always online with B-FORCE

To ensure mobility on vacation and on business trips, install the B-FORCE Communicator application on mobile devices with the Android operating system and continue to communicate using secure communication channels.

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Desk Phone

New features with B-FORCE

The phones from GRANDSTREAM NETWORKS, Inc., with the Android operating system installed and the B-FORCE Communicator software, can replace outdated models and become an excellent solution for the organization of the manager's workplace.

  • Color touch LCD 7 ";
  • Rotary megapixel camera;
  • Wired and wireless Wi-Fi connection;
  • Handset and speakerphone.


B-Force provides secure communications through a broadband satellite Internet channel.

Instant messaging, voice, video, and data transmission are available around the globe at high speeds.

Using B-Force with satellite channel, uninterrupted secure communication is provided anywhere in the world.

Connection of communication devices B-Force to the satellite modem is carried out via Wi-Fi, Ethernet or USB.


Data encryption
Various cryptographic algorithms are used to protect transmitted data
Circle of contacts
Create a personal group and add participants into it for individual communication
Personal service
Purchase of the B-FORCE service to use it in your corporate network
Single account
Use a B-FORCE user account with all types of the devices running Windows or Android
Communication quality
State-of-the-art protocols and great choice of audio codecs provide high quality communication
Charge-free year
Charge-free year
A charge-free test period is meant to give an insight into capabilities of the B-FORCE service

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Сервис B-Force стал доступен в зоне РФ

15 August, 2011 0 ✉ Новости

Набрав в адресной строке Вашего браузера ЗАКРЫТАЯСВЯЗЬ.РФ Вы получаете доступ к информации о возможностях сервиса B-Force, а также воспользоваться

В тестовом режиме запущен сервис B-Force

21 July, 2011 0 ✉ Новости

Компания «Компания Т и Т Интернешнл» запустила в тестовую эксплуатацию новый сервис, позволяющий совершать звонки в службу технической поддержки ко


06 July, 2011 0 ✉ Новости
  • License of development and manufacture encryption (cryptographic) tools.


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