Use conditions

The service is provided on an "as is" basis without any explicit or implied warranties, including (but not limited to) warranty of observance of property rights, without prejudice to legislation and to any specific intent. Recommendations or information, rendered by the node or their staff do not result in beginning of the warranty liabilities. The node issues neither fail-safety guarantee nor service provisioning accuracy guarantee, it issues no guarantee on information, software or other materials safety.

Under no circumstances, the node or its staff will be liable for any direct or indirect loss resulted from information usage by the client or their authorized representatives, usage of services or products or in result of unavailability of such usage, as well as in consequence of errors, failures, deletion of files, faults, delays during work or during delivery time, or insufficiently effective work.

Subscriber is fully responsible for their information safety and for possible losses due to unauthorized use of this information. Provider bears no responsibility and doesn’t cover losses incurred due to unauthorized access by third parties to information.
Under no circumstances the Provider bears no responsibility for any direct or indirect loss caused by the Subscriber by the use or in result of unavailability of the Service usage, as well as in consequence of errors, omissions, interruptions, deletion of files, variation of functions, faults, delays during work, delays during delivery time, and etc.

Subscriber agrees not to make the Provider a bearer of responsibility or a co-respondent for any obligations and expenditures:

  • Connected with a recurrent inability to access the Service for Subscriber or other people;
  • Connected with access to the Service by other people;

Blocking for emergency assistance call.

Current Software doesn’t serve as a substitute of a common mobile or fixed-line phone. The software doesn’t allow calling to the emergency assistance services. You must have access to alternate communication facilities to be able to call to the emergency assistance.